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Vision Seminars: Pioneering User-Centric IT Design

Our research has proudly upheld a long-standing tradition of conducting Vision Seminars within the scope of action research projects. This innovative approach, predominantly led by Bengt Sandblad, has significantly shaped how we engage with technology and work systems design. Niklas Hardenborg’s doctoral thesis further exemplifies our commitment to this approach, which delves deeply into designing […]

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New Publication: Shaping the Future of IT Projects: Insights from Vision Seminars

In the ever-evolving world of information technology, understanding and incorporating user needs has never been more crucial. This is the crux of a study titled “Experiences of Extensive User Involvement through Vision Seminars in a Large IT Project,” authored by Åsa Cajander, Marta Larusdottir, Thomas Lind, and Magdalena Stadin. Their research delves into the impactful […]

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AI4Research Fellowship 2024

I’m thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter in my career: I will join the AI4Research Fellowship next year! This five-year Uppsala University initiative is dedicated to advancing AI and machine learning research, and I’m honoured to be a part of it. What is AI4Research? AI4Research is a dynamic program that focuses on strengthening and […]

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Post-Doctoral Opportunity in Exciting New EDU-AI Project

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of a new research project, “Adapting Computing Education for an AI-Driven Future: Empirical Insights and Guidelines for Integrating Generative AI into Curriculum and Practice” (The EDU-AI project), starting April 2024. This venture explores the transformative impact of generative AI technologies, such as GPT-4 and automated code generators, on […]

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Project Update: SysTemutvecklingsmetodeR för dIigital Arbetsmiljö (STRIA)

After several years of dedicated research and development, the SysTemutvecklingsmetodeR för dIigital Arbetsmiljö (STRIA) project is coming close. Led by Professor Åsa Cajander, working with Dr Magdalena Stadin and Professor Marta Larusdottir, this project has been a pioneering effort to address the critical issue of digital workplace health and usability in IT systems. The project […]

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Frontiers in Education Conference 2023

The education conference Frontiers in Education (FIE) 2023 was held in College Station, Texas. It is a quite large conference, and there were many tracks during the three days that the conference was on. College station is situated between Dallas and Houston, and it is a, well, lets say interesting city, and incorporates another apparently […]

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