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The real dangers of current “AI”…

Recently there has been an open letter from a number of AI-experts advocating a pause in the development of new AI agents. The main reason for this is the very rapid development of chatbots based on generative networks, e.g., chatGPT and Brad, and a large number of competitors still in the starting blocks. These systems […]

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Hur digitaliseringen påverkar sjuksköterskors arbetsengagemang i patientcentrerad vård

I takt med att samhället digitaliseras påverkas även hälso- och sjukvårdssektorn. Med en åldrande befolkning och en ökande efterfrågan på vårdtjänster behövs patientcentrerade lösningar som är effektiva och väl anpassade. Men införandet av ny teknik kan få oavsiktliga konsekvenser för vårdpersonal, särskilt för sjuksköterskor. Forskning visar att arbetsengagemanget inom hälso- och sjukvården är komplext och […]

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Exploring the Impact of Automation on Nurse Work Engagement in Patient-Centric Primary Care Services

The healthcare sector is no exception as we move towards a more digital future. With an aging population and increasing demand for healthcare services, there is a pressing need for patient-centric services that are efficient and effective. However, introducing new technology can also have unintended consequences for healthcare professionals, particularly nurses. Research has shown that […]

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NIVA course: Digitalization, Automation, AI and the Future Sustainable Work Environment

Digitalization, automation, and AI have been instrumental in transforming the modern workplace, but these advancements have also brought new challenges. The increasing reliance on digital systems has resulted in inefficient work processes, safety risks, and employee stress. However, with better knowledge, development processes, and leadership, organizations can create a future work environment that is both […]

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Welcome to the HTO blog!

We are excited to share our research insights, findings, and expertise with you through this platform. Our research group is focused on human-computer interaction, and we will be posting about our current studies, teaching, publications, and events. We’ll also share updates on our team members and general information about our research group. Our goal with […]

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