As the summer breeze carries us into a well-deserved vacation, the HTO Research Group looks back at a spring semester filled with inspiring work and remarkable successes. Our team has been tirelessly dedicated to advancing the fields of AI, automation, and work environment, resulting in exciting developments and achievements that we are proud to share. Although we will be momentarily away, we eagerly anticipate returning in late August, recharged and ready to continue our journey towards groundbreaking discoveries.

We are thrilled to announce that Sofia, one of our esteemed researchers, has recently had her application for Docent approved. This significant achievement is a testament to Sofia’s exceptional expertise and contributions to her field. While some minor course requirements are remaining, we have no doubt that she will surpass them effortlessly, solidifying her position as a leading expert in her area of research.

Securing funding is a crucial aspect of advancing research, and we are delighted to have received support for two new projects focused on AI, automation, and the work environment. This exciting development will allow us to delve deeper into these domains, exploring innovative solutions and generating valuable insights that can positively impact industries and society. AFA’s trust in us to pursue these projects fuels our motivation and drives us forward.

We are proud to highlight the success of the NIVA course on AI, automation, and robots at work. This specialized course offered an invaluable opportunity for professionals to expand their knowledge and understanding of the emerging technologies shaping the future workplace.

Additionally, the spring semester has been marked by significant achievements in terms of publications and the dedicated effort put into writing applications for funding. Our researchers have diligently worked on disseminating their findings through high-impact journal articles, conference papers, and book chapters. These publications showcase the depth of our research and contribute to the broader academic community by sharing valuable insights and advancements.

Furthermore, our team has invested substantial time and effort in crafting compelling and competitive funding applications. Securing funding is vital to driving our research forward, allowing us to explore new avenues of inquiry, acquire cutting-edge resources, and collaborate with experts from diverse fields. The diligent work put into these applications is a testament to our unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and making a tangible impact in our focus areas.

Welcoming New PhD Students: As we gear up for the fall semester, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of our new PhD students, Andreas Bergqvist and Jonathan Källbäcker. Their fresh perspectives, curiosity, and dedication to research will undoubtedly enrich our team and contribute to our collective pursuit of knowledge. We look forward to supporting and guiding them in their academic journeys, and we have no doubt that their contributions will be instrumental in our continued success.

The HTO Research Group is immensely grateful for the fruitful spring semester we leave behind, marked by inspiring accomplishments and the pursuit of excellence. As we embark on our summer break, we encourage everyone to take time for rest and rejuvenation, knowing that it is through such periods that creativity and productivity find fertile ground. We will return in late August, eager to share our latest insights, breakthroughs, and updates with our esteemed readers and followers.

Wishing you all a rejuvenating summer filled with joy, relaxation, and inspiration!