I’m thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter in my career: I will join the AI4Research Fellowship next year! This five-year Uppsala University initiative is dedicated to advancing AI and machine learning research, and I’m honoured to be a part of it.

What is AI4Research?

AI4Research is a dynamic program that focuses on strengthening and developing AI research. During my sabbatical at Carolina Redivica, I will collaborate with fellow AI4 Research scholars, diving deep into the world of artificial intelligence. This AI4 Research Fellowship will also make it possible for my colleagues at the HTO group to join me and benefit from this environment. Hence, I will bring a team of young researchers and doctoral candidates, along with a more senior researcher, to investigate the effects of AI on the work environment.

My Project: AI’s Impact on the Work Environment

We’re entering a new era where AI is revolutionizing the workplace. My research will explore both AI’s positive and negative aspects in the work environment. I aim to identify potential risks and challenges and how AI can enhance work experiences and foster creativity and personal development in professional tasks.

Future Endeavors and Funding

During my sabbatical, I will seek additional research grants for future projects in AI and the work environment. Collaborations within AI4Research will allow us to create innovative projects addressing the challenges posed by AI’s influence on the work environment.

I am looking forward to my AI4Reseach Fellowship and a year full of new ideas and learning!