Being a research leader presents continuous challenges and opportunities for personal development. As the leader of the HTO group, consisting of around 15 researchers, and as an Advisor to the Vice Chancellor on Equal opportunities, I find myself in a position to influence both research and the work environment at Uppsala University.

Challenges and the Pursuit of Improvement

Every week, I face new challenges as a leader. Navigating complex research projects, managing diverse personalities, and maintaining an inclusive and productive work environment requires constant attention and adaptation. There is always more to learn!

Clear Leadership: My Next Phase of Development

In 2025, I will participate in the Clear Leadership course, organized by Uppsala University. This four-day program is designed for leaders who, like me, aim to achieve results together with others and create sustainable collaborative relationships. The course offers opportunities for leading in a learning-oriented manner, and I am glad to develop my ability to communicate clearly, understand people better, and create a work environment where knowledge and potential can flourish.

Clear Leadership was developed by Dr. Gervase Bushe in Vancouver, Canada. The concept was introduced to Sweden in 2004 and has quickly become one of the most appreciated and significant leadership programs offered. The program is only conducted by licensed instructors.

The program promises to equip me with tools to:

  • Lead using my personal qualities.
  • Increase my self-awareness and understand my reactions.
  • Enhance my communication skills.
  • Create clarity in collaborations.
  • Implement a model for increased learning within the organization.

Participating in Clear Leadership is not only a step in personal development but also a way to strengthen the HTO group and our collective pursuit of excellence. I hope to use the knowledge and insights gained to build even stronger relationships within my team and create a more inspiring and productive work environment.