NIVA Education hosted a state-of-the-art digital course titled ‘Digitalisation, Automation, AI, and the Future Sustainable Work Environment,’ which was conducted online. The course was led by Magdalena Stadin, Bengt Sandblad, and Åsa Cajander from the HTO group. The purpose of this transformative course was to equip academicians with the necessary skills and knowledge to adeptly navigate the ever-evolving sphere of digital systems in the workplace.”

By having interesting talks and insightful presentations, attendees delved into the difficulties and advantages of digital transformation, automation, and artificial intelligence. Topics covered included user-centered design methods, the impact of AI and robotics in various sectors, and the design, deployment, and evaluation of digital systems from a work environment perspective.

The course was carefully planned and organised by the NIVA Education team and Bengt Sandblad to make sure the participants could learn easily. We worked hard to schedule sessions and pick the course material to ensure the program’s overall success.

In conclusion, NIVA Education’s state-of-the-art digital course on “Digitalisation, Automation, AI, and the Future Sustainable Work Environment” was a success! Through engaging discussions and insightful presentations, attendees explored the challenges and advantages of digital transformation.