Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are transforming the workplace, influencing work environments, job roles, and overall productivity. As these technologies evolve, there’s a growing demand for knowledge and insights in these areas.

The HTO (Human-Technology-Organization) research group is frequently asked to provide seminars and lectures on these subjects. To address this demand, we’ve compiled a list of potential speakers and presentations, which you can find here. The presentations are in Swedish, but we can do seminars in English and Swedish.

The list of potential speakers includes Åsa Cajander, professor specializing in AI and work environments; Magdalena Ramstedt Stadin, postdoctoral researcher focused on digital work environments and technostress; Bengt Sandblad, professor emeritus with decades of experience in digitalization and automation of work; Anders Arweström Jansson, professor researching human decision-making with AI; Niklas Humble, postdoctoral researcher in AI and game-based learning; Maria Normark, associate professor studying the critical perspectives of technology use; and Jessica Lindblom, associate professor focusing on the impact of AI, automation, and robotics on digital work environments. For more details, visit our Google document.